It never fails!!

We have literally just got our finances back under control after 10 years.
We had a whole week of freedom and actually managed to budget for a new upright fridge freezer after the old one needed replacing.
It was over 20 years old so we couldn’t complain!

Anyway, new fridge working nicely, couple of meals out as a treat, stress drifting away into the past, and then…


This Weekend sees my car fail it’s MOT £400
Ian’s car has died completely and is ready for the scrap heap. Need to find him a new car £??????
This morning I discover our tumble drier is on it’s last legs. It won’t heat up on the low setting and takes forever to get to any kind of heat on the high setting.


I know what did it… I dared to mention being able to budget for a holiday next year.
Some hope we’ve got of that!!!

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