General diary entries


OK, now I’m just a little bit excited!!

I have been well and truly hooked on a TV show recently.
After my obsession with Joel Kinnaman started back in February, I caught up on a TV series he’s done called ‘The Killing’

This show just refuses to die!!
It almost got canned after it’s first series and then again after it’s second series.
Netflix came in to help out in Series 3 which has been the best one yet.

It’s a show that broke all the rules by having one long story arc instead of week by week stories but it had a select following of fans that never gave up on it.
The end of the third series was a bit of a shocker and we held our breath to wait for news of a fourth series.

Netflix came to the rescue one last time.
We now have a fourth and final series and I’ve just seen the first official trailer!

Looks like holder is going to be helping Linden cover up what she did in the finale to series 3!!
Looks like he’s looking even hotter doing it too!

Release date is 1st August exclusively on Netflix and I believe they are releasing all 6 episodes on the same day!!
I happen to be on annual leave that day so I think I’ll be stocking up on the beer and nibbles and having a Killing Marathon!!

Can’t wait.

Joel Series 4 01

The scruffiest, cockiest, streetwise Detective is back.
The weight of the world on his shoulders even more this series.
Can wait for all the new ‘Holderisms’ we’re going to get.
I just hope it has a series finale we are going to be happy with!!

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