Month: July 2014


OK, I’m into the last 4 days of my annual leave.
The garden has been tidied.
The house is clean and I’m nearly on top of the ironing.
Time to start thinking about getting back to work on Monday.

So, today is going to be spent finishing that ironing and making sure the house stays tidy and possibly a trip to the cinema tonight!

Marjorie has an appointment at the hairdresser’s at lunchtime.
She has incredibly thick, long and wavy hair that is a beautiful blonde colour.
However, she is not a girly girl and apart from a quick brush in the mornings she does absolutely nothing with it!
It’s heavy, it’s hot, it’s rats tails!!
So she has made the decision to get it all cut off and go for a lighter, choppy bob style that she can just get up and go with.
Nanny is going to kill us!!

Tomorrow is going to be a complete chillout day.
August the 1st can only mean one thing this year.
The Killing’s final season makes it to Netflix!!
Can’t wait to see how it all ends.
If it’s not a happy ending for Holder I may just cry!!
So, got to top up the nibbles and plonk today and maybe invest in a box of tissues.

This weekend I intend to do a little top up shop on Saturday morning and then do nothing except soak up some sun.

OH yes! I made the decision to book the house for a holiday to York next year.
We are going away next year whatever!!


Another summer comes and goes.
The kids are happy enough being able to sleep in till lunch and then spend the rest of the day meeting up with friends.
Murron is nearly 17 so when she does finally make it out of her room she disappears just as quickly and I don’t see her again until bedtime.
Sometimes I’m lucky if I see her at all with a boyfriend who lives outside of Bedford and drives.

I’m feeling a little bit down today.
Thinking back, we’ve only been able to afford 2 family holidays in 16 years!
I desperately want to take the kids away next year but Murron has already said she’d rather have a bit of cash in her pocket and stay at home with her mates!

Going abroad is out of the question because none of us has a passport so that will immediately cost us either £309.50 if we apply online or by post or £353.25 if we use the Post Office Check and Send service.

We had made some plans up until a few weeks ago, to think about a holiday to York next year.
We had finally, after 10 years of fighting, just managed to get our finances back under our control.
Unfortunately, fate had other plans and my car failed it’s MOT and Ian’s car died completely!
So, we had to run one of our credit cards up again and WHAM, the money we wanted to set aside for a holiday next year was now paying off a credit card again!!

Now, we have a decision to make.
We ‘could’ still go on this holiday to York next year.
Ian gets a bonus in March. It’s not guaranteed but he hasn’t missed one yet.
I can start to weasle away a little bit each month and if nothing else goes wrong over the next year, we still have a credit card we can utilise if needed.

And there’s the sticking point…. ‘IF NOTHING ELSE GOES WRONG’!

I’ve found a lovely house to rent just outside the walls of York centre and with a back garden that faces the river.
This is the view from the back garden looking towards the city walls.

Garden view York

It’s available for the week we want.
Both Me and Ian have already secured that week off work next year.
It’s also our 21st wedding anniversary next year and in that same week.

So we just need to stretch our current credit card a little bit to secure a deposit.

My heart is telling me to go for it but my head is saying don’t take the risk.

I am determined to make a decision today.


I woke up this morning to the start of my second week of annual leave.
I had a good tidy up and then relaxed a bit before the local paper’s photographer came over.
They turned up early!! just as I was getting changed and didn’t have time for any makeup and I’m pretty sure my curls were wild.

Will our photo make it to the local rag on Thursday?
Who knows, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Anyway, after that I had all good intentions of getting cracking with some ironing but after a trip to Mum’s to check on the fish I just couldn’t get going in that department and we ended up watching ‘This Means War’ with Chris Pine, Tom Hardy and Reese Witherspoon.
That film just tickles me silly. I find myself chuckling all the way through and the three alternate endings just has me in hysterics!

Anyway, after that Ian was home and it was time for dinner.
While I did that I watched ‘Lola Versus’ with Greta Gerwig and Joel Kinnaman.
I don’t know why I torture myself with this movie.
It has it’s funny moments and of course it has Joel Kinnaman but Lola just drives me to distraction.
This is a woman who is reaching 30 but has done nothing with her life.
She even manages to scare Luke (Joel Kinnaman) away and make mistake after mistake before becoming happy with herself and then…….
Then she makes the biggest mistake of her life by rejecting Luke when he realises what a mistake he’s made by letting her go.
6 foot 4 of absolute cuteness and puppy dog eyes incarnate wants you to be his for life and you say……
‘I just need to do me for a while’.


Anyway, time for some Star Trek…. Re-boot style.


With our 20th wedding anniversary on the horizon and our kids very independent and planning their own futures, I have decided to start thinking about things me and Ian would like to do when we are retired and on our own again.

I am starting with this!!

New Zealand is on my bucket list anyway and not because of Karl Urban.
This river rapids jet boat ride at Taupo is high on the ‘to do’ list if we ever get to New Zealand!


I’ve kept quiet for a few days.
I haven’t been getting up to much, just enjoying my time off work and having a change of pace.
However, I’ve kept quiet about a couple of things for long enough.

First of all the first ’50 Shades of Grey’ trailer.

Am I excited?
Well….. no actually I’m not.

I got into the books like millions of other people did and I had a picture in my head of Christian Grey and he is supposed to be ‘stunning’.
He is supposed to be sleek and sexy and charming and he has the kind of look that makes ‘all’ women swoon and go gooey and get jealous of any other woman he may be with.

I’m really sorry if this upsets anyone but Jamie Dornan is just NONE of the above!!
OK, he’s a relatively good looking guy BUT he’s not Christian Grey.

Don’t even get me started on Dakota Johnson.
Never has a bigger casting mistake ever been made.
Too old looking, not innocent looking enough. She simply looks like a well groomed hollywood actress trying to play it down and failing miserably.
I’ll leave that one there.

Onto the next subject.
Wonder Woman.

Anyone who knows me, knows I love Superman.
I was very impressed with the recent re-boot of the franchise and I was really hoping that Henry Cavill was going to get a chance to really flourish in the next movie without being overshadowed by other big names and characters like George Clooney was as Batman.

I am getting a little worried about Superman VS Batman. Ooops, sorry…. Batman VS Superman!! He doesn’t even get first billing in the title!!
I know I probably have nothing to worry about but it’s very difficult not to.

I accepted Ben Affleck as Batman.
I like Ben Affleck and after seeing the first images of him as an older Batman I am feeling quite at ease.
When I heard ‘Wonder Woman’ was making an appearance I got extremely worried.

I’ve blogged before that I am not a Wonder Woman fan.
I have always found her character to be very cheesy and the 70’s TV series is to blame.
I began to wonder how they were going to make this look work on film.

Wonder Woman 03

Then this weekend saw the release of the first official images at Comic Con 2014.

Wonder Wooman 04

I like that they’ve dropped the ‘red, white and blue’
The earthy armoured look is much more effective and much more Amazonian.
Why would any woman, particularly one who needs to move freely to fight and defend herself, want to run around in 6 inch heels!!
Why does a sexy, confident, superhero need heel’s?
Why do heel’s have to have anything to do with that costume at all?
Wonder Woman in the comics had ‘no heels’ or ‘low heels’ she never had 6 inch wedges!
I actually feel that putting a strong powerful woman in heels like this is degrading.

Anyway, we’ll see how it works out in 2016.


Oh dear, that’ll teach me.
I was so mad yesterday about the ridiculous state of affairs with Murron’s subsidised travel offer that I sent an email into the local paper.
I sent it to the Reader’s Views section just thinking that it may get printed in that section and get some responses from like minded parents.

I may have misjudged things a little.

I have just received a call from the paper to get a little more information about the situation and they have stated that they are going to do a little investigating themselves and if there’s a story there, they are going to run with it!!
We could be getting a visit from a photographer on Monday!!

What have I got myself into?



As I relax in the garden with a glass of chilled Pinot Grigot Rose, I feel a little despondent about the amount of tidying up that needs to be done.
I’ve left it a bit longer than intended over the last few weeks but work and college work have had to come first.


There are some really pretty flowers hiding away in there!


I can see, it’s going to be a long day tomorrow.


This corner in particular needs a good clear up!