General diary entries


Well it’s been a bit of a shock on the bad news front this week.

Anyone who reads my blogs regularly will know that one of my obsessions is Karl Urban.

This man has had a crazy work schedule over the last few years.
Filming and promoting two Star Trek movies, filming and promoting Dredd, filming Priest, And Soon The Darkness, Riddick, Walking with Dinosaurs, The Loft and over the last year he also took on a TV show.
All of that and he still does TV interviews, cameo appearances and attends countless conventions.
All of this work doesn’t leave much time for a home life and his home is back in New Zealand!
Well it would appear that his crazy life has finally taken it’s toll on his home life and this week it was announced that he and his wife of ten years, Natalie Wihongi, have taken the mutual decision to separate.

I must admit, I’ve had a feeling for sometime that something wasn’t quite right.
He’s lost a bit of his sparkle when he’s being photographed, he’s looking very tired and recently he’s cancelled quite a few convention attendances which is not like Karl at all.
He loves conventions both as a guest and an attendee so for him to back out of a string of them meant something wasn’t right.
Well now we know.

Poor Karl and Natalie.
They have two young sons so I hope that this is all sorted out for them with as little stress as possible for everyone involved.

OK, now the bad news is out of the way, I have a little good news.
I suppose it’s more like a bit of ‘feel good news’.

One of my favourite actresses is Amy Adams.
I love her as the new Lois Lane and think that Giselle in Enchanted is sickeningly adorable.

Anyway, it would appear that recently, on a flight from Detroit to Los Angeles, Miss Adams quietly gave up her seat in first class and gave it to a soldier from Economy!!
She took his seat in Economy.
She later stated ‘ I didn’t do it for the attention of myself, I did it for the attention of the troops’

Miss Adams comes from a military background and grew up on various military bases.

First class all the way: Amy Adams pictured with Ernest Owens, her seatmate in coach after she gave her first class ticket to a soldier on the same flight

‘Earnest Owens’ who was in the seat next to the soldier in Economy posted this selfie to Twitter stating ‘Amy Adams, first class all the way’

All I can say is, nicely done Amy!!

Right back to my life.
Not much to say really.

I’m still waiting for my English exam results.
We had a major spring clean of finances.
We’ve finally got a new fridge freezer arriving today, although the old one was well over 20 years old so can’t complain.
I need to make a start on the next part of my QCF but have been holding off until I have my Safeguarding update training at work on Wednesday because the section I’m working on is ‘Safeguarding!’

I might even change the curtain rods to curtain poles in the living/dining room today.
My life is excitement all the way baby!!


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