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The view from my patio, accompanied by a very large glass of vino.

Well, after a completely Shit weekend, feeling crap and curled up on the sofa, I made it through my two English exams today and I’m feeling quietly confident about them.
I should hopefully have some results by the end of the week.

Just to add to my good mood, we’ve had a spring clean of our finances. We’ve tidied up what’s spent and where and should ‘hopefully’ see some benefits come pay day on Thurs.

We’ve just enjoyed a lovely steak dinner and are chilling in the garden before an early night (where I get control of the TV… He he) and then work tomorrow.

Anyway, I’m not feeling too bad right now.
I’ve got a few weeks to go before I have 2 weeks off to completely to regenerate.
The hard bit of the early spring garden tidy is over so barring a little grass cutting and border tidying, I should be able to spend a lot of those two weeks like this….. Just sitting and blogging or reading in the garden.

I think we may be in for a bit of a storm tonight. It’s gone very overcast and it’s really muggy and warm. It needs to break and freshen things up.

Right, time to think about what I’m going to watch tonight and really wind Ian up with!! Lol
Joel or Karl, Joel or Karl?
I must have around 20 films or TV shows between them!!
Or do I go with something we haven’t watched before?

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