General diary entries


Still not feeling great but at least I’m not up chucking anymore.

I managed another bit of a lay in this morning, although the Moronic drunk teenagers who decided to take a break on their walk home by sitting on the neighbour’s wall and smashing what sounded like pop bottles around the crossing posts and screaming and laughing as if it was 3 in the afternoon and not 3 in the bloody morning, probably helped with the lay in this morning!!
That and the drunk young lady tootling down the street in 8 inch heels and sobbing and crying, ‘but you hurt me’ at her supposed partner at 2am!

One of the downsides of living on a main route home from town.

Anyway, another day curled up on the sofa and psyching myself up for the exams tomorrow.
I’ve taken a look at the City and Guilds website and taken a look at sample exams and to be honest I’m not that nervous about them now.
I’ve never done an exam on a computer before and I think that’s what was worrying me more than anything but now I know how they work I’m a little more relaxed.

I just watched Tron: Legacy on Netflix and then noticed a flaw in the service.
When you finish watching something, Netflix will make suggestions for things for you to watch based on what you’ve just watched.
Forgive me for saying, but on what planet does ‘Power Rangers’ even come close to ‘Tron Legacy’!!
I’m 44, not 14!!

Right, time for a snooze I think.

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