General diary entries


Murron had some fun last night.
She had planned an after exams party with a few of her friends.
I like Murron’s idea of a party.
They simply gather together, add a bit of food a drink and spend the evening in the garden chatting and having a laugh.
At midnight, they all cleared up what they could, dispersed and Murron and Arthur have said they will finish getting my garden back together this morning.
Murron even went and apologised to the neighbours before it started, just in case they made too much noise!

Yes, they were ripping up school work for the fire!!

Anyway, I went to bed and slept surprisingly well.
I got up for work, had a shower and then things took a rapid turn for the worse.
I started to feel very nauseous and was sick!
Completely out of the blue.
I was very green around the gills and ended up having to call in sick.

Something is definitely not right.
I went back to bed and slept in until 10am!
I haven’t slept past 8am for months.
Unfortunately I’m still feeling poo so it’s going to be a day snuggled on the sofa I think.

I just hope I don’t feel like this on Monday.
I’ve got to get through two English exams.

Feeling just a bit useless today.

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