General diary entries


I felt like crap for most of today so I didn’t really enjoy work like I normally do.
I’m really tired now but I plan to chill for a while and attempt a lay in tomorrow.
I’ve got tomorrow off but I need to take a look at some online English exams to get ready for the two English exams I’m taking on Monday.
So I’m not really going to be switching off.
Then I’m working all weekend, taking my exams in Huntingdon on Monday and then working Tuesday and Wednesday.
So I won’t really get to switch off again until Thursday next week.

Oh well, at least the exams part of my QCF will be over and done with.
The rest I can work on at my own pace.

I’m going to have a house full of Murron’s weird and wonderful friends tomorrow evening for an after exams party.
I’m hoping the weather will be good. That way they’ll just spend their time chatting and having a laugh in the garden.
If the weather is bad then I’ve lost my living room and I will be exhiled to my bedroom for the night.

So there’s not much to look forward to over the next week.
I need to go and cheer myself up for a bit.

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