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Came home from work after a quick trip to Tescos to get a birthday card and a pressie for my Mum tomorrow.
Got my dinner cooking and sat at my computer just in time to catch a live streaming interview from the LA Times with non other than Joel Kinnaman!!

I am now on cloud nine.
I can go to bed happy.

He is looking really good and he fluttered those puppy dog eyes all the way through the interview.

He ended by talking about the world cup and said that because Sweden didn’t make it, he’s following France.
He said he hopes they win because following the EU elections where 25% of the vote went to the right wing, it’s a dangerous time in Europe.
The last time the French national team won, the right wing support dramatically fell. The reason being, the new Heroes of France were a mixture of black players, Morrocan/Algerian  players, Muslims and white Europeans.
My husband has stated that his personal opinion of Joel Kinnaman as a Human being has just taken a leap of respect.


If you’re interested, you can see the interview here.

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