General diary entries


I can’t believe I only have this weekend left and then my 9 days of annual leave are up!
Still… only 5 more weeks before I get two weeks off!

This week has been spent in the garden, particularly yesterday where my forehead got quite a roasting in the sun.
I hope it stops glowing before I go back to work on Monday!

Murron finished her exams.
The week went a lot better than I thought it would considering the panic attacks she’d had in the previous couple of weeks.
She only has an art project to finish now and then that’s it for school.
She can’t wait.

Marjorie has successfully been discharged by her Bedford surgeon about her hip displasure only to be taken straight back on again because of her feet!

Dharma had a brilliant academic mentoring meeting on Tuesday and then had an unexpected nosebleed on Thursday evening that landed her in A+E until 3am Friday followed by a visit to the emergency ENT clinic on Friday lunchtime where they did some pretty serious cautery.
She’s pretty sore today but at least she’s not bleeding.

Surprisingly I haven’t been to the cinema once this week.
Not that I haven’t gone a little overboard on watching Robocop that I picked up on Bluray on Monday.

I have decided to spend the weekend with my feet up, a few cold tinnies, some nibbles and lots of movies.

This morning I have been trawling the internet.
I came across this.

Cool Male Celebrity Hairstyles & Haircuts – Issue 05
I don’t have a clue who the guy on the left is, couldn’t give a flying ‘F’ about Robert Pattinson on the right but the guy in the middle, Joel Kinnaman gets my vote every time.
He blows Robert Pattinson out of the water with looks and charm and playful personality. Robert has none of that.

Anyway, what else have I discovered this morning?

Tom Hardy is currently making a film called ‘Legend’
It is another take on the story of Ronnie and Reggie Kray.

I really liked the 1990 story of the notorious brothers in ‘The Krays’ with Gary and Martin Kemp playing the parts but this time around Tom Hardy is taking on the parts…. both parts!!
Tom Hardy is playing both Ronnie and Reggie and a first look photo has just been released.

Hardy Krays

Looking good!!
That’s one film added to the list of viewing for next year.

Anyway, I’ve spent enough time on the PC this morning.
Time to go pick a movie list for the day.

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