General diary entries


Heaven….. Cold beer in the back garden while watching the bees working hard.

Dreading tomorrow when my brother is coming over to help hack some mega hedges back down to size.

Anyway, took Marjorie to Bedford hospital today to see her surgeon about her Freiburgs disease in her feet. He was in a surprisingly jovial mood today, we had a real laugh.
Anyway, he’s discharged her about her hip displasure and has decided that he’s going to try some steroid injections in her feet to see if that helps but has stated that she is most likely looking at some surgery in her future.
We’ve seen more decisions and actions in one meeting with him than we did in two years at Stanmore!

So, what to do tonight?
I can’t justify watching Robocop for a fourth time since Monday.
I did an inventory of all our Dvd’s earlier and there are quite a few there that I wouldn’t mind watching again and a couple I haven’t actually watched yet so…. Decisions, decisions.
Think I’ll go for a soak in the bath and have a think.

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