General diary entries


Well, yesterday didn’t go quite as expected.

I did get my copy of Robocop and I did watch it at lunchtime while the kids were at school.
However, I then got a call from work and asked if I could possibly do a few hours to help out.
So I ended up doing 3 -8.

When I got home I checked through my e-mails and found out that I passed the Maths exam I took last month!!
Such a relief.
I just need to get through my two English exams later this month.

Murron has had a good start to the week with her exams.
She came home quite confident and relaxed yesterday.

Dharma had her academic mentoring meeting this morning.
She is doing extremely well.
Her attendance has been brilliant since her hiccup at the end off last year.
She has caught up and is ahead in all her subjects and looks to be heading to all the top sets for year 8.
Very chuffed with her.

Marjorie is….. well, Marjorie!
She’s plodding along at her own pace.
She has a science trip tomorrow and a visit to the hospital on Thursday about her feet.
Stanmore have referred her back to Bedford to cut down travelling time and time out of school for Marjorie.

So, today.
What to do today?
I think a cuppa is in order while I go through all the extras on the Robocop Bluray.
Then I think a few hours in the garden is in order.
Got some hacking back of hedges and shrubs to do.

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