General diary entries


It’s my youngest daughter’s birthday today.


Happy birthday Dharma XXXX
12 years have gone so quickly.
Only one more year before I finally have a house full of teenagers.

I will be taking Dharma and a couple of friends out for dinner later before letting them take over my living room for a movie marathon.

There is also someone else’s birthday today.
It’s a birthday I can’t forget very easily because it is shared with my daughter.

Number one obsession…. Karl Urban


I hope he has a fab day at home with his family.
He’s spent way too much time away from them over the last couple of years because of filming commitments.
He’s had a relentless convention schedule over the last couple of months alone and in recent photos he’s looked very tired.
I’m not surprised he’s cancelled a few.
I just hope he’s taken the time out to get back to New Zealand for a while.

Happy birthday Karl XXX



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