Film Reviews


Murron had a very bad day today.
It started off bad, she managed to get through her first exam and then proceeded to have quite a major panic attack.
She was sent home.
Looks like we will be looking at exam leave for the rest of her school life to try an minimise the attacks and hopefully get her through the exams.

Anyway, I actually had a good laugh with her after she’d calmed down when she got home and we decided to go to the cinema this evening.
We went to see Bad Neighbours.

Bad Neighbours 01

It was actually funnier than I expected it to be but it was also a lot naughtier than I expected it to be!!
Have I really got to the point where I can take my daughter to see a film with a little sex, more than a few dildos and half naked Zac Efron’s running around?

Bad Neighbours 03

When did she stop being my little girl in pigtails?
Don’t think I would have been quite so comfortable if we’d taken Ian along with us.
We did have a good girly laugh.

…… it has just struck me like a ton of bricks that I am old enough to be Zac Efron’s Mother!!
I want to cry!!


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