General diary entries


OMG!! Murron has her first exam today and boy did we know it!!

She was in the foulest mood EVER.

It’s Tuesday which is normally a late start day at school and they don’t have to be up until 8 but Murron had to get into school for normal time today and had to get up at 7.
she lost her lay in.
She proceeded to bang around for the next hour making it perfectly clear she was not happy to be up.
Then she just started stressing about every little thing that didn’t go right.
She didn’t smile once.
I even got told where to go in no uncertain terms when I told her to calm down.
She eventually stormed out the front door and as I told her to just do her best she yells back…. I’m going to fail!!

Is this what the next month is going to be like?
Shoot me now!!!

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