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OK, so it’s that’s time of year again.
The morons at the TV Networks are making brainless decisions about shows for the next season.
It’s becoming a bit of a yawn fest now.
They give great shows the chop after just one season instead of giving them a chance to find their feet and they keep shows that, although they are good, they have been going on for sooooo long that you really couldn’t care less about them any more.

One show I’m disappointed to see go is Almost Human.
Not just because Karl Urban is in it but because it was a good show!
It only had thirteen episodes and was just finding it’s feet.
It really needed a second season to get into the swing of things and become an amazing show.

Other shows that have been given the chop this year include Dracula, The Tomorrow People and Revolution.
I was really looking forward to where Tomorrow People was going and now I will never know.
So frustrating.

I am glad to see a couple of my favourites returning.
Elementary and The Vampire Diaries.
These are really the only two shows I ‘have’ to keep up with and after the Vampire Diaries finale, the next season can’t come quick enough!

It’s around this time of year we start to see advertising for new shows.
I haven’t seen a lot yet but one show that’s caught my attention is this…..

The Flash!

I loved the 1990 run of the show with John Wesley as Flash but it was a very tongue in cheek show and just a little on the camp side.

Flash 01

Mark Hamill as the Trickster was a hoot!

Flash 02

Anyway, the trailer for the new show looks like they are taking it all a little more seriously and they’ve got the speed effects right!
We’ll just have to wait until Autumn to find out if it really is any good.
If it is, they’ll probably cancel it after just one series.
Hey Ho!

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