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Apparently, Universal Pictures have nabbed a movie release date of November 4th, 2016, for a feature they have currently only called ‘Untitled Event Project’.
For a movie that is only two years away, it is unusual that the film would not yet have a title, but the “event” distinction seems key.
The ever cool Legendary Pictures are reportedly involved and this is fuelling speculation.
One of the speculations is that the movie is going to be Namor, another Marvel based Superhero

He is the super strong and headstrong leader of Atlantis and can walk among mortals and take to skies in flight.

The release date comes around the same time that Zac Efron has been rumoured to be up for a Marvel film.
Given that Namor is frequently half-naked, much like Zac Efron, it makes sense to make that association.
He would also be a good choice to carry off the arrogance and malevolence of the character.


MMMmmm…. I can get on board with this!!

It has been suggested that there’s some inside baseball at play here as well.
Warner Bros. have been at the centre of some rumours of their own with their similarly water based hero ‘Aquaman’
Aquaman is a possible addition to the ‘in development’ Justice League which is believed to be scheduled for 2017.
So if Universal pips them to the post with Namor in 2016, it’s going to be a serious kick in the teeth to Warner Bros who just don’t seem to be able to get their act together when it comes to superheroes.

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