General diary entries


OK, today is going to be a mix of work and play.

I took a quick look at the garden yesterday and I’ve never seen weeds that big before!!
One is almost as tall as me!
It’s just been too wet on my days off recently to do anything about it.
It was too wet yesterday after the rain the day before but the sun was out all day and it looks to be doing the same today.
So hopefully I will get something done this afternoon.

But first, me and Ian are going out to breakfast this morning.
Ian has a dental appointment at 11:10 this morning.
He knows he’s having some fillings but there is also the possibility of some tooth removal!
Depending on how he feels when he’s finished at the dentist we are going to try and make a 12:30 showing of Godzilla!!
Breakfast may be the only good meal Ian eats today.
So, fun for me but not for Ian.

Hopefully the sun will continue and if I get the worst of the weeds out this afternoon, I can finish off at the weekend.
There are some really pretty flowers out there at the moment and they are being spoiled by the weeds.

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