General diary entries


After I finished my X-Men marathon I needed a bit of a wind down before thinking about bed and work tomorrow.

So I decided to have a snoop around Netflix and discovered they have added Easy Money!!
Brilliant, I thought. I may not make it to the end but a little Joel Kinnaman right before bed is just what the Dr ordered.

However, I’m becoming a little frustrated with the overabundance of descriptions with the subtitles.
Not only are they subtitling everything everyone says, which is all that’s needed, they are also describing sounds!!!

I can hear the phone ringing, I really don’t need a description in capitals telling me (PHONE RINGING) or when somebody finishes talking and laughs, I can hear the laughter, I don’t need the description (LAUGHS) at the end of the sentence.

It’s actually getting a bit bloody annoying. Think I’ll stick to my DVD.

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