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OK, the bottle of wine really kicked in after X-Men Origins last night so X-Men First Class and Wolverine will be on today’s menu.

But first, I must have a clear up, make sure the school uniforms are ready for the girls tomorrow and collect Murron from outside the hospital which is where she is getting dropped off by a friend after staying at Arthur’s last night.

Me and Ian are also thinking about checking out the new Swarzenegger movie tonight.

I’m still a little unsure but hey… Mireille Enos is in it as another little kick ass.
She does appear to smile occasionally in this one though unlike her character Linden in ‘The Killing’
Joe Manganiello and Sam Worthington are also in it.


However, Swarzenegger himself is looking……. well….. ‘old’ to be quite frank.
Is he taking the action movies a little too far now?
We’ll see.

It’s not a movie I would have ordinarily gone to see. I used to be very selective about what films to spend money on in the cinema because it’s just so expensive.
I would have waited for this film on the On Demand service or bargain DVD section.
But now we have the unlimited cinema cards it doesn’t matter if we go and are disappointed by it.
You never know, I may actually love it!!

If I manage all that, that will make a record breaking 7 movies in 2 days and will bring my total for the year up to 135.
So I am more than on target for averaging at least one a day for the year.

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