General diary entries


I actually had a completely free day today after one of my college classes was unexpectedly cancelled.
So, me and Ian decided to stop in at Frankie and Benny’s to claim our free breakfast and collect Ian’s car after we left it there yesterday afternoon and walked home after a few drinks.
We got a free breakfast because we’ve been collecting stamps every time we go in for breakfast.
They do a £5 breakfast menu which is lovely and another way for me and Ian to spend a little time together.
After three breakfasts, you get the fourth free! Bonus.
The kids have started collecting their own stamps too but we went on our own today.

As my class had been cancelled we had the opportunity to go to the cinema.
We went to see ‘The Other Woman’
It was actually quite funny….. I took plenty of notes and Ian was suitably worried!!

We are now waiting for our dinner which has been cooked by Murron.
She wanted to make a lasagne.
Apart from giving a little hand and advice with the cheese sauce, she’s done it all herself and it’s looking really good.
Can’t wait.

Then it’s time for feet up and…….
I can’t decide.
Another movie?
Start ‘The Killing’ again from the beginning ready for the final series when it starts?
Really don’t know what I’m in the mood for.

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