General diary entries


I’m up.
All the kids are out the door to school.
I’ve had my coffee and considering I have a maths exam this afternoon I am surprisingly relaxed.

I need to go have a shower and then do a couple of hours of cramming so I remember the difference between mean, median, mode and range!

However, as I did some trawling while having my coffee I found this little gem.


That cheeky little lad in the black and white jacket with a ‘Y’ on the front is Joel Kinnaman at just 11 years old!
Way back in 1990 he was in a Swedish show called Storstad.
It was the only acting he did as a child and it took him another 10 years and some coaxing from his best friend Gustav Skaarsgard to go to college and start acting again.


He grew up rather nicely!

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