Film Reviews


I went to see Pompeii last night.
I have to say I quite enjoyed it!

The gladiatorial fight scenes were very well done.
The volcano erupting was very well done.
The 3D effects weren’t over done which they could very well have been, particularly with the volcano.

My only real issue was that is was a little cheesy.
I know it was a love story but they could have laid off the cheese.

Also, some of the acting was a little dubious, particularly from Keifer Sutherland.
He tried for a marble in the mouth British accent and failed miserably, however, he did come across as the complete arsehole he was meant to be and he deserved everything he got!

Oh yes!! Kit Harrington!!
Where did that come from?

Having seen him in Game of Thrones buried under all that fur………

Kit fur

I was blown away with him stripped down to the bare leathers in Pompeii….

Kit ripped

Let’s hope he leaves the wall and moves South in Game of Thrones!!!

Pompeii is not one I am chomping at the bit to go to the cinema and see again but it will be getting added to my Bluray collection in the future.


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