General diary entries


It’s been a productive morning.
I was up bright and early because of my hip. Grrrrr
I just can’t lay in any more.

Anyway, I saw all three of the kids off to school. Yes!!
They should have all gone back after Easter on Weds but there’s been a bit of a bug in the house.
Dharma went back today and although Murron was in on Weds she wasn’t particularly well yesterday.
But they’ve all gone today!!

It’s payday today.
Simultaneously a happy and depressing day.
Happy because I know all the bills are covered but depressing because there’s nothing left.

So, I spent an hour paying bills and sorting out the bank account and filling my car up.
Then I just spent half an hour uploading three Units of college work for assessment.

Now I’m relaxing with a cuppa.
Sorting out a shopping list for the next few days and then going to Tesco before I chill for the rest of the day.

Finally found out about a release date for the Netflix final season of The Killing this morning.
August 1st!
Only problem now is that I can’t confirm whether that includes the UK Netflix or not.
Will be absolutely gutted if I have to wait longer!!

This is the Netflix promo that’s just been realeased.

Doesn’t give much away does it!!!!!!
How frustrating.

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