General diary entries


For some reason this posted really weirdly so I’m posting it again!!
Sorry if it’s duplicated for you. I just wanted to make sure it was OK.

Anyway, Last day of three days off and I couldn’t lay in!!
I appear to be developing a problem with my right hip.
It starts to ache at stupid o’clock in the morning and wakes me up.
At the end of the day I can barely get up the stairs.
Coupled with the Ortho problems in my left foot I feel like I’m falling apart and I’m only 44!!

I have been sat here now for over two hours.
Think I had better get something done.

I was hoping to get the back garden weeded today but it’s raining again.
At least I got the front garden done yesterday.
Suppose I had better get some cleaning done in the house instead.

Anyway, trawling the internet this morning I came across some cover artwork for the new Robocop Bluray release in June.
I’ve seen two different covers now.

The first one looks like this…..

Robocop cover 2

It’s just the Bluray and the artwork’s good but we’ve seen it already in the movie posters.
Then I spotted this one……

Robocop cover

That’s more like it!!!
I’m hoping this pack with the Bluray, DVD and Digital copy with this artwork, will be available in the UK.
I’m just going to have to be patient to find out.

48 days and counting!!

It is this film I have to blame for my current obsession with Joel Kinnaman.
I have already seen as much as I can with him in.
I now have to be patient for anything new.
There’s the final 6 episodes of The Killing coming up, but no date yet.
He also has a few films in post production, so fairly long waits for any of those too!

My previous (and currently back seat) obsession, is Karl Urban.
The strange thing is that the film that got me hook on him was Dredd!!


Robocop and Dredd!!
You see my dilemma?
I got hooked on both men from characters that spend half or even all of the film with their faces covered by a helmet!
At least Joel does get to show us his doe eyes occasionally!!



Right, let’s get some work done so I can spend the afternoon watching movies!!
Dredd may be on the list!!

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