General diary entries


Day two of three days off and so far I’ve got nothing done!!

After it decided to rain yesterday so I couldn’t do the gardening I did a quick tidy up and spent the afternoon curled up on the sofa.
I decided to watch ‘The Darkest Hour’
It’s an OK Sci-fi movie.
Joel Kinnaman is in it and he plays a backstabbing coward who gets what’s coming to him.
He does it in style too.
He goes out shooting and gets attacked by not one, but two of the aliens and does a pretty nasty headslam into a parked car before being vaporised!

After that, I did some catching up with ‘The Sons of Anarchy’
I’ve just made  it into series 4.

After Ian got in from work we decided to go to a late, pre-screen showing of Transcendence with Johnny Depp.


I have some mixed feelings about this one.
On the one hand, It’s a good film, with a good premise and some great actors.
It was good to see Johnny Depp as a normal person and not a way out character for a change.
On the other hand, it was a bit long and drawn out.
In hindsight, 9pm in the evening is not a good time to go and see this film.
I wouldn’t go to the cinema again to see it and it’s one I will probably wait to get from the bargain DVD rack in a year or two.

So, back to today.
I need to do a quick trip to Tesco if we want to eat today and I need to take Marjorie to go and get some trainers for school.
She can’t wear proper shoes all day anymore.
Looks like it may be something she will have to live with until she is at least 18 years old.
We have got to inform the school now that she won’t be doing sports or PE again, ever!
We need to see if they can allocate her somewhere to go during the 2 PE lessons a week she’ll be missing so she’s not wasting her time on the sidelines.
Up until now, even though she can’t take part, she still has to get changed into PE kit and just watch!! It’s ridiculous!
I’m not having that for the next two years.
She’s just chosen her options so it would make more sense for her to go to a class or somewhere to do revision or homework.

If the rain holds off, I might have a quick go at the weeds in the front garden at least.
We’ll see.

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