General diary entries



I get myself dressed in scruffs and ready to do some SERIOUS gardening and then it goes and rains!!

Oh well, looks like a quick tidy up and then the afternoon on the sofa with Joel Kinnaman …… I mean me curled up on the sofa with some Joel movies!!
I couldn’t be that lucky!

What to choose?
What am I in the mood for?

Lead down the wrong path Joel in ‘Easy Money 1, 2 and 3’?

I made the wrong decision Joel in ‘Lola Versus’?

I will watch this movie just for the incredible but vicious 3 minute fight scene with Ryan Reynolds in ‘Safe House’?

or how about I’m a backstabber and a coward and deserve everything I get Joel in ‘The Darkest Hour’.

or how about my favourite one so far, naive and head over heels in love Joel in ‘In Your Veins’

Decisions, decisions.
I just wish Netflix would hurry up and air the last series of The Killing!!!

Or I could go crazy and give Joel a break and pick one of my other 1030 movies!!
It might just take the rest of the afternoon to make a decision.

Right where’s the chocolate and the beer?



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