General diary entries


It’s been a fairly productive day today.
I had a quiet morning on the computer doing the usual.

Me and Ian then went into town to collect our new glasses and I’m getting on with them pretty well.
I was a little nervous about getting varifocals but so far so good.
Tomorrow will be a test. First day wearing them at work. Lets see how I get on.

After the glasses I spent a few hours doing some college work.
It’s going pretty well and now I have the text book I need I can get cracking even more.

Just before 5pm, Marjorie reminded me that Amazing Spider 2 came out today and she was itching to see it so I just had to take her…. didn’t I?
It was pretty damned Amazing!! Well worth the wait.

So, now I’m relaxing trying to charge my batteries for the next 3 days at work.
I’ve got a pretty busy month ahead of me now.
If I’m not working, I’ll be doing college work or cracking on with some gardening.
At some point I’m going to have to do a good clean of the house from top to bottom ready for our inspection on May 2nd!

Right, what to watch before bed.
Getting a bit of Joel withdrawal symptoms.

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