General diary entries


I had all good intentions to do some college work today, however, I failed miserably!

I had a lay in, played around on the computer for a couple of hours and then took Murron to the Orthodontist to get her brace fixed after a few of the anchors had come loose.
After a quick trip to Tesco, where I was talked into picking up another film, I came home and then just put my feet up for the afternoon to watch that film.

‘The Heat’ with Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy.
It’s hilarious, Murron said.
You’ll love it, Murron said.
I went to the cinema to see it, it’s brilliant, Murron said.

Mediocre is what I said.
Not one of Sandra Bullock’s best, I said.
Wish I’d stuck to my guns and purchased ‘The Machine’ instead!

Anyway, I have a quiet night tonight.
I am still to decide what I am going to watch although Dharma has just got stuck into Stargate from episode 1!!
I’d forgotten how good that series was!! I may just carry on for a few more episodes with her.

Tomorrow, I’m picking up my new varifocals and then I will be testing them out with some college work.

I’m currently sat here contemplating adding to my autograph collection with a photo I’ve found and can’t resist.
It just happens to be my favourite photo of Joel Kinnaman.


It couldn’t have been any other?
No, it had to be this one and I am finding it very hard to resist.
It has a cracking signature in blue pen, so it’s really effective.
I’ve checked the company out and they have a proof photo of him signing.
I’m just waiting for confirmation of postage before I make my final decision.

Will look rather nice on the wall next to my Karl Urban, Olivia Thirlby and Lena Headey signed Dredd print.
Although that one is a pre-print!!

Mmm, we’ll see.

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