General diary entries


I got in from work with all good intentions to write a quick blog last night but I had my dinner and made the mistake of curling up on the sofa for a while.
Next thing I know, I’m waking up at 02:30!!

So, I dragged my butt into bed.
Unfortunately, after that, I didn’t sleep too well.
I had a few things flying around my head that just refused to go away.
Very annoying.

Anyway, today, me and Ian are going for eye tests and new glasses!!
We both desperately need them.

Then we are going to have some lunch somewhere, without the kids.
Then I have to think about some college work.
I really have to get out of this ‘let’s leave it to the last minute’ mindset I have.
It didn’t do me any good at school so why am I still doing it?!

After I’ve done that we could maybe get a trip to the cinema in.
We only managed 3 trips last month.
That’s still not bad. We only need to see two to make the unlimited cards pay.

We’ve got a few things we want to see this month.
Divergent and Noah are both on now.
Last days on Mars comes out this week.
Spiderman 2 comes out next week.
I’d like to see The Legend of Hercules but as that  only came out less than two weeks ago and is already down to just one late showing a day in Milton Keynes and has disappeared completely from Bedford, there’s very little chance of that one!!
Doesn’t bode well for being a particularly good film either.

Oh well, better go and have a shower.
My stupid husband made our eye test appointments for 10am!

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