General diary entries


I said yesterday that my next ‘How Times Have Changed’ post will be about the things that have shaped my Fangirl life.

I have just realised that it’s going to take a while.
It needs to be a work in progress because I keep thinking about things I want to add.
It’s not something I am going to be able to put together in just one day.

So ‘How Times Have Changed – Part 5’ is on it’s way.
Keep checking back.

Today I just need to resist the urge to sit and watch movies until I have got some work done.
I have decided to take my opportunity to GUT Murron’s room while she’s not here.
She’s not going to like it but tough shit.
We have our Landlord inspection on May 2nd and this house needs a serious clean.

I also have to take a look at some college work…… that I am NOT stressing about anymore.
I have decided to take my college work as it comes.
It’s silly to stress about it.
I’m 44 not 16.
I’m doing this because I want to and not because I have to.
After I’ve done my Maths and English catchups there’s no exams to worry about and my Portfolio is all online.
Even my cross referencing is done for me!!

So kick me if it sounds like I’m letting it all get to me again.

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