General diary entries


I’ve just managed to watch a film I honestly thought I would never get to watch.
Complete with perfect subtitles!!

God Save the King

God save the king

Made in 2005 and Joel Kinnaman’s third film.
That’s him in the hat at the back of the picture.

It’s set in the early 80’s in Sweden and centres around a girl called Abra who is desperate to become a Punk Rock star.
Joel’s character is called Dickan and he rents a room to Abra and ultimately becomes her partner.

I know I’m VERY biased at the moment but I have to say that Joel is absolutely adorable in this film.
He looks like a Duran Duran reject!

God save the king 03

He would only have been about 25 when he made it and he’s so skinny!
Skinny or not, baby Joel is really cute.

The whole 80’s feel of the film brought lots of teenage memories back.

I can also officially announce that ‘God Save the King’ is my 100th film this year so far!
16 of them have been Joel Kinnaman films!

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