General diary entries


I have a free weekend….. almost.

After my little freak out over a ten minute presentation I thought I had to do that turned out to be a ten minute discussion in a group, I am a little more relaxed about this weekend.
I just need to gather up everything I’ve managed to find out and get ready for some debating on Thursday!

So, what to do today?
I did most of the shop for the weekend after I got home from work last night.
I just need to go get some fresh lasagne sheets because Tesco had run out last night and I need them for dinner today.
If I had got them last night, there would be no need to go anywhere this weekend.
Poo Poo to Tesco!!

Anyway, I picked up ‘Frozen’ on Bluray yesterday.
I’m probably one of the few people in the country that hasn’t seen it yet.
I’m not a huge animated film fan. It takes a lot for me to choose to sit down and watch one.
I usually enjoy them when I do, so I don’t know why it takes so much to want to watch one in the first place!
I know Marjorie wants to watch it today so I may snuggle on the sofa with her.

I’m going to do another ‘How Times Have Changed’ blog.
This one is going to be a little different.
I’m going to trawl back through my own life.
I’m going to look at all the Music, TV and films that have affected me and turned me into the ‘Rabid Fangirl’ I am today.
It’s going to be fun finding pictures and films for that one!!

Right, first things first, let’s get the lasagne sheets out of the way and the lasagne made.
Then I can have some fun.

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