General diary entries


I’m head banging….. and not in a good way!

My skull feels like it’s splitting.
I had a headache start at around 10am this morning and it has progressively got worse.
I’ve had pain killers, I’ve made sure I drank plenty, I even went and sat in a corner quietly for half an hour.
All to no avail.
I would say it’s a migraine but as I’ve never had one I have nothing to compare it to.
It’s made me all tense across my shoulders and I’m feeling quite sick!

Anyway, it got to 5pm and I had to call it a day.
As much as I hated leaving my shift early, I need to just switch off and have an early night If I’m going to be bright and chipper for my shift tomorrow!

So! Now that I’ve updated my blog, I’m switching the computer off!!
No trolling the internet tonight.
I’m going to have some dinner and curl up on the sofa in the dark.

Vi ses på morgonen!!
See you in the morning!!

Categories: General diary entries

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