General diary entries


I had an unexpected day off today.
I was asked to work tomorrow instead.
Not a problem except I’ve just realised I’ve set myself up for three long days in a row!!

So, today I decided to get started on my riveting talk on ‘Fees for Professional Bodies’
I haven’t got a clue.
I know that it’s protection for both the employee personally and their clients and every site I look at explains how to pay, but not one site goes into any detail as to why there is the need for fees and what the money gets spent on!!

I have to admit, I’m stuck and I’m beginning to panic.
Why am I panicking?!!
I’m not a teenager flunking school.
It’s ridiculous. I promised myself I’d enjoy this course and right now I’m feeling sick!

I’ve contacted my tutor through my on-line portfolio and I’m just waiting for a response and hopefully some pointers on how to get started.

Feeling a bit depressed right now.

Categories: General diary entries

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