Month: April 2014


OK, so I’ve just posted about my number one obsession ‘Joel Kinnaman’ having split from his long term girlfriend, albeit amicably.
It would appear to be a bad news day because I now find out that my number two obsession ‘Karl Urban’ has just had his TV show ‘Almost Human’ cancelled after just one series.


Fox TV have struck again.
They just don’t seem to know when they are onto a good thing!!
John Doe was cancelled on a season one cliffhanger in 2003.
I will NEVER forgive them for that one.

John Doe 2

There have been many more shows cancelled after just one season airing but probably the biggest mistake they ever made was with Firefly!!
Cancelled after just 15 episodes, three of them were actually unaired and only got seen when it was released to DVD.
Fans kicked up such a stink a one off movie was made to round up the whole story.
What an incredible movie it was.


They just don’t give things a chance.
After just 13 episodes (so not even a full 24 ep season) fans are just getting to know the characters.
The actors are just getting into the feel of their characters. The show is only just starting to find it’s feet and where it’s heading.
It needs at least a second series to finally decide if it’s working or not.

Come on Fox.
When will you learn.


I posted a ‘Dishette of the Week’ on 22nd April.

My Dishette was Olivia Munn.
Joel Kinnaman’s girlfriend for the past 2 years and I stated in that post that as long as she makes Joel smile, she can be one of my Dishette’s.

Well, she is still one of my Dishette’s but it would appear that for the last two months the pair have been fooling everyone.
They apparently decided to call it quits as a relationship just after Valentine’s Day and have stated that distance was the biggest factor.
She is based in L.A and Joel spends most of his time filming in Canada.
The Killing is filmed in Canada, Robocop was filmed in Canada. Chances are a sequel will also be filmed in Canada.


They were friends long before they became a couple and have remained friends since deciding to split.
So she’s lucky!! She still makes him smile. She didn’t break his heart. She can remain a Dishette of the Week.
I still want to give him a big hug though!

So! he’s back on the market.
I just need to be younger, prettier, healthier…. oh yes, and single!!
Damn, knew there’d be a catch!!



As I stood at my DVD shelves last weekend contemplating what to watch, it occurred to me that the decision on what to watch sometimes took as long as watching the film itself!
With over 1000 DVD’s and Blurays, it’s hardly surprising.

I keep a meticulous record of the films we have and I can check them out to people who borrow them.
This came about because I was fed up by lending films out and never getting them back again and by the time you realise they are gone you can’t remember who borrowed them.

My DVD’s are alphabetised and I think that my Bluray’s will be following suit fairly soon as the collection is getting bigger and bigger.
I may just integrate the Bluray’s in with the DVD’s

Anyway, this little indecision made me think about my favourite films.
Not films that I like generally because I wouldn’t buy them if I didn’t like them but films that have made an impact throughout my life that I keep going back to time and again.
My absolute favourite films.

So I printed my film list off and carefully highlighted the films that I watch time and again.
I got my list down to just 43 films.

So here and in order of year of release are my top films.
Wherever possible I will post a Youtube link to the trailer or a clip so this blog is very heavy on graphics. You may need to be a little patient for the page to load fully depending on your connection speed!

Singin’ in the Rain   1952

The Greatest Show on Earth   1952
Absolutely love this film. So colourful and entertaining. The train crash is incredible for the time. Would love to see what they could do with this now as a re-make.

Calamity Jane   1953

Genevieve   1953

The Glenn Miller Story   1954

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers   1954

Rebel Without a Cause   1955

Ben Hur   1959
Another Charlton Heston Epic. A fantastic actor but didn’t like him as a person. His views on guns just made me feel sick.

Some Like it Hot   1959
Classic! Tony Curtis made a wonderful woman.

My Fair Lady   1964

Barefoot in the Park   1967

Oliver   1968

Up to this point, films were very much what I grew up with on TV.
Sunday afternoon films.
Then I started going to the cinema and things started to change.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind   1977

Kramer vs Kramer   1979

E.T   1982
I was 13. This film was amazing! It still amazes me for whole new reasons.
I took my cousin to see it on a re-release.
I’ve shown it to my kids.
It’s still an emotional roller coaster and a I defy anyone not to cry when Drew Barrymore says goodbye to ET at the end of the film!!

The Right Stuff   1983v
The story of the Mercury Astronauts. Funny stuff!

The Breakfast Club   1985
A cult classic.

The Goonies   1985
Another cult classic.

A Room With a View   1985

Aliens   1986
Gritty. Funny. Frightening. Totally not expected as a follow on from Alien.
Went to a sell out showing and when it got to the bit where Ripley yells ‘get away from her you bitch!’ The whole audience cheered!!!

The Big Blue 1988
Without a doubt my number 1 favourite film on the list.
Beautifully filmed. Wonderfully acted. Funny and emotional. Exceptional sound track. Love it!!

Benny and Joon 1993
One of Johnny Depp’s best performances.

Kalifornia   1993
I love Brad Pitt but I have to say that in this film he actually made me want to vomit!!
Brilliant performance.

Leon   1994
Ah, Jean Reno. Love him to bits. He has a wonderful voice.

Mr Holland’s Opus   1995
Get the tissues out.

Practical Magic   1998

Dogma   1999

Notting Hill   1999

Paperback Hero   1999

Return to Me   2000

A Beautiful Mind   2001

The Count of Monte Cristo   2002

Amazing Grace 2006
I actually think this is better than 12 Years a Slave.

Hot Fuzz   2007
Simon Pegg can do no wrong.

Stardust   2007

Star Trek   2009
Wasn’t sure about Star Trek being ‘re-booted’. Now I can’t get enough of it. Great job at re-booting a much loved franchise.

Up   2009
Not a huge animated fan but any animation that can make me cry like a baby deserves to be on this list.

In Your Veins   2009
A very recent addition to my favourites list.
A Swedish film. A love story. Absolutely wonderful film. Will watch it for years to come.

Prince of Persia   2010

Dredd   2012
The film that kicked off my obsessive nature over the last few years.

This Means War   2012
Cheesy?….. yes. Funny? ……. yes. This film tickles the hell out of me.

Star Trek Into Darkness   2013
I hope these continue for years to come.

Robocop 2014
OK, this one is not on Bluray yet but I have seen it 4 times.
I fully expect it to be one that I return to time and time again after I do get it on Bluray

So there you have it, films from 7 different decades!!
Considering my current taste in films there’s a lot of cheese and chick flicks on this list but I wouldn’t have it any other way.
I simply love movies.

Right, time to go and watch one.
Just got to decide which one!!


I’m getting a bit lax with my blog.
I’ve missed four days this month!!

To be fair, when I don’t blog it’s usually because it’s a 2nd or 3rd work day and by the time I get in it’s too late and I’m just too tired to want to think about writing.
Having said that, yesterday was a first work day!!
Oh well.

I have Tues and Weds off, not that I’m going to be able to relax much.
We have a rental agency inspection on Friday.
Nothing much, just a quick check to make sure we’re not trashing the place and to see if there’s any maintenance that needs to be done.
So I had better spend the next couple of days actually making it look like we’re not trashing the place!!

Right, off to work.


I’ve been up since 07:00 again!!
Far too early for a day off.
Now that I’m up, the hip has stopped aching.

Oh well, at least it gives me a couple of hours of quiet time on the PC before the whole house wakes up.

I’m off to Milton Keynes today with two of my girls to go and see Captain America…. again!
Marjorie has seen it and wants to go again but Murron hasn’t seen it yet and really wants to.
After that I’m taking them to Wagamamas.
I think they are going to love it.
They’ve only ever been to pizza or steakhouse restaurants.
Marjorie will pretty much eat anything and Murron has some odd tastes so Wagamamas ‘should’ be perfect for them.
We’ll see.
Don’t know until they try.

What to do until then.
Maybe have a catch up snooze on the sofa.
I really need to get the back garden weeded but it’s just too wet at the moment.
It’s not going to look good for the rental agency inspection on Friday!

I’ve just had to chastise myself.
I just spent a little time scrolling through my blog to find a bit of info I had posted a few weeks ago for a friend.
It wasn’t until the blogs started flying past that I realised just HOW obsessed I had become with Joel Kinnaman.
There you go, he even gets a mention in this blog!!

Blog after blog after blog after blog.
Picture after picture, animated GIF after animated GIF

I love this GIF!!
Holder messing around. Linden’s look of death.
He’s like a 5 year old being caught with his hand in the cookie jar!!


Anyway, I apologise if it’s bored you at all but…….. It keeps me happy so I don’t really care!! Sorry!!