General diary entries


I’m working my way through ‘The Killing’ for the second time.
This time I’m taking my time.


The first time around I was just hungry for anything with Joel Kinnaman in it and as much as I enjoyed it, I was blinded by Joel and I missed quite a lot of the nuance of the show.
The second time around, I am taking in the whole story a lot more, all the twists and plot turns.
I am also enjoying the interaction between Holder and Linden. Joel Kinnaman and Mareille Enos.


The first two seasons are one big story arc with the third season having a single season new story arc.

Out of the two stories I think the third season story arc is my favourite, probably because you get to the ‘who done it’ a bit quicker!
However, I love the way Holder and Linden get to know each other in the first story.
I love the way that you are left to feel very unsure about Holder for the first season.
You are not quite sure where his loyalties lie and if he is in fact a good guy or not.
I love the way Linden keeps finding out snippets from his past and gets to really understand him by the end of season 2.
I love the way Holder is quite literally battling with himself to stay drug free and find it absolutely heart wrenching that he is so obviously guilt ridden about what he did to his Sister and Nephew in the past and is desperately trying to rebuild the bridge between them.
I love the way the suspect is constantly changing, right to the very end. It keeps you guessing.

Most of all….. I love the ‘Holderisms’!!
Street smart Holder comes out with some wonderful words of wisdom.
I find myself snickering quite a lot.









I particularly loved that last one.
He’s being so sarcastic but he’s also being so serious and you can just see the cogs working while he’s thinking about it.

Whoever did the casting for the show must have had a real giggle at the final choice for Linden and Holder.
Mareille Enos is a tiny framed 5’2 and is towered over by Joel who is a whopping 6’2 and half.
They look really cute together.



AMC, in it’s ultimate wisdom, decided not to continue into a fourth series, however, Netflix has realised it’s onto a good thing and has picked it up and commissioned a further 6 episodes for a fourth season to bring the series to a conclusion for the fans.
It’s currently filming in Vancouver.
Can’t wait for it to air!!


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