General diary entries


Blogging in the middle of two long days is a bit pointless.

Apart from being extremely tired and looking forward to my bed, there’s not a lot to say except that I’ll be getting curled up with Joel.
I just need to decide in what form.

The Killing, I Skuggan Av Varmen or Lola Versus.

Ex junkie homicide cop with a streetwise attitude Joel, Completely Irresistible and clueless Joel or puppy dog ‘I made the wrong decision and I want you back’ Joel.

tumblr_n26qo9AAIQ1rjn473o4_250  tumblr_mzsk3ocyfu1rjn473o6_250  tumblr_mqpons2C2G1qfz3hfo6_250

It’s a toughie.
They’re all Yummy.

At least I’ll have happy dreams before my alarm goes off at 05:30

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