General diary entries


We had the kids at home today.
Their school was closed due to a bloody teachers strike.
Don’t these people realise that they are getting no sympathy at all.
The reason they are striking is over pay, pensions and conditions.
Give me a break!!
Everybody in the country is dealing with crap like that at the moment. What makes them think they are any different.
The fact that they are making life hell for working parents and causing chaos for businesses who are losing those working parents for the day doesn’t seem to make any difference.

Anyway, rant over…..

We had the kids at home today, including Murron’s boyfriend who stayed over last night, so we decided to take everyone out for breakfast this morning.
Frankie and Benny’s do a great deal on breakfasts and it’s nice to get together as a family for a change.
We rarely get to sit and just eat and chat together so the opportunity to do this is really nice.

After that, Ian had a chore to run and as we wanted to go and see Captain America at 11:30, I decided to go and get the tickets a little early.
I didn’t take into account that the cinema wouldn’t actually be open at 10:15 and when I pulled on the door handle I set the building alarm off!!
So I walked away a little red faced and hoped they wouldn’t recognise me when I went back an hour later!!

We did get to see the new Captain America after all that and it was awesome!
I won’t give anything away by saying that it followed on really well from the first one and leads well into the next Avengers movie.
If you go and watch it, make sure you watch to the end, not just half way through the titles but right to the end of them!

After that it was back to chores.
It was payday today so all the bills had to be sorted and a big shop needed to be done.
Easy come, easy go.

I was hoping to get some college work done but as I’ve only just sat down for the night, I don’t think that’s going to happen.
I’m working the next two days so I will need to sit and do a lot over the weekend.

Night Y’all


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