Film Reviews


I treated myself today.
I always have a quick look at the DVD’s and Bluray’s when I pop into Tesco, particularly the older movies that you can pickup for peanuts.
It’s a great way of topping up the movie collection.

Well today I snapped up ‘Safe House’ with Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington.
It’s a film I’ve been meaning to catch for a while.
I’ve picked up a few minutes here and there when channel hopping and always promised myself I’d get round to it.
Then I find out that Joel Kinnaman has a small part in it and it’s also directed by Daniel Espinosa.
So when I see Tesco selling it for a Fiver, I just had to snap it up.

I wasn’t disappointed. It’s a typical action packed Daniel Espinosa movie.
Lots of guns, hand to hand combat, car chases and hand held camera shots.
Joel makes an appearance for all of 5 minutes BUT what a 5 minutes!!!!!
He has one of the most vicious hand to hand fight scenes with Ryan Reynolds I have ever seen.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t end well for Joel.

He did make it into the bonus material where they talk about the stunts for the film.
Joel is really enthusiastic about having spent days banging into walls and having the wind knocked out of him by Ryan.
They both threw themselves into the fight and it really works on screen.


Looking for images for this post I also came across a 5 minute H&M advert which is entirely Joel.
Forget David Beckham… Joel is my H&M man.
Like I’ve said before, he was born to be a model but he’s still all arms and legs in the back of this cab!!

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