General diary entries


I’ve been a good girl today.
We were up early for Marjorie’s Academic Mentoring appointment and after that we went to get tonight’s dinner from Tescos.
While we were there we snapped up a few bargains in the DVD section. More on that one later!

Anyway, I’ve just spent the last few hours doing some college work.
I actually got going and it didn’t kill me.
I will probably do the same again tomorrow afternoon but tomorrow morning will be spent taking the kids to Frankie and Benny’s and then going to see the new Captain America movie…… if we can get tickets!!

The kid’s school is on strike tomorrow and it’s payday.
Apart from a few chores and bills to pay there’s no reason not to have a treat.

So, time for tea and then I need to work out the finances ready for tomorrow and then the kids will probably make me watch The Hunger Games : Catching Fire….. YAWN!!!!

Categories: General diary entries

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