General diary entries


Well, today took an odd turn.
All was going well.
I was having a busy but productive day at work and then around mid afternoon I got a few texts from Murron to complain about her arm being swollen and really hurting.

She had been accidentally stabbed with a pencil whilst messing around with a friend last Thursday.
On Friday she had a 3 – 4 inch red welt appearing so nipped along to the GP where a practice nurse took a look, dressed it and gave her antibiotics.
Everything seemed fine over the weekend and then today the welt got very hard and extremely sore.
I wasn’t convinced there wasn’t a piece of pencil stuck inside and a serious infection taking hold so had to make a decision.

I used up the last of my annual leave and left work early to pick her up and nip along to A+E.
Thankfully, after a couple of hours and an X-ray, we were sent home.
There was nothing that showed up on the X-ray and it looks like she may just have a haematoma under the skin that is starting to harden up.

After we got home, I had some tea and have spent the last few hours curled up on the sofa.
I’m not feeling particularly great and I’m just hoping I’m not coming down with something.
I’m not back at work until Thurs but I have to be up early tomorrow for an ‘Academic Mentoring’ appointment with Marjorie and on Wednesday I have all three kids at home because their teachers are striking!!

Tomorrow is going to be a college work day.
Time for bed.

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