After being unceremoniously woken up by Dharma wanting to go to the park at 07:15 this morning, I now sit bleary eyed at my computer with my usual cup of morning pick me up.
I’ve had my usual flick through Facebook and scrolled through the night’s Tumblrs to see if anything interesting cropped up.
I had a quick look at the BBC news and then I decided to head over to to have a nosey through their image archive.

I clicked on a set that looked interesting and very nearly choked on my coffee!
I’ve said it before, one of the things I love the most about Joel is his sheepish smile and that he doesn’t get to use it nearly enough!
Well, this set of photos made my heart skip a beat.
They’re beautiful!!

Joel Smiles

The top right image is just full of mischief!

Anyway, I feel a battle of the Dish’s coming on.
Poor Karl Urban seems to have been left a bit on the side tracks lately.

After that’s out of my system I really must get some college work done.

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