Animated GIF’s
I just love them!

Tumblr is one of the best places to get them.
For the following I thank all my fellow Tumblr’s and hope they don’t mind me snatching them!
I would love to mention people individually but I just cannot figure out how to pin down the person that originally supplied the GIFs!!

Anyway, I’ve just found some of the best yet.
I bet you can’t guess who they’re of?

OK, maybe you can.
Am I that transparent at the moment?

Joel Kinnaman getting naughty and flirty when being interviewed about Robocop.

flirt 01 flirt 02

flirt 03 flirt 04
This is an offer I would never refuse!

jeans 01 jeans 02
One day we’ll get to see his robot dance!!
He’ll slip up and it will be on Youtube so fast his head will spin!

robot stripper 04 robot stripper 01

robot stripper 02 robot stripper 03

The thought of Joel as a luxury stripper………….

OK, that really has to be it!
Time to hit the books.

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