Dish of the Weeks


It’s extremely difficult to come up with fresh new faces for my Dish of the Weeks when I am in the middle of a complete obsession.
It happened when I started my obsession with Karl Urban back in Sept 2012.
He made it into 5 of my Dish of the Week posts.
But even Karl never made it into three in a row.

Since the beginning of February I have become completely besotted with Joel Kinnaman.
I quite literally cannot think of another actor besides Karl who would do justice to one of my Dish of the Week posts.
There are plenty out there, I wouldn’t have made it to 56 without them.
I just can’t think of anyone at this particular point in time when my head is swimming with Joel.

So this is going to be a ‘Battle of the Dishes’

I have a very strange taste in men.
I have had what I would call, classically handsome men on my Dish list.
Men like Ian Somerhalder, Ryan Reynolds, Hugh jackman, Henry Cavill and David James Elliott.


I’ve had the more physically beautiful men with classic good looks like Chris Hemsworth, Joe Manganiello and Dwayne Johnson.


But mixed in with all of those are the occasional oddity that for some reason are very attractive like Mads Mikkelson.

Mads Le Chiffre

Then I have have my two obsessions.
Karl Urban and Joel Kinnaman.

It’s really hard to put into words what it is about these two men that really attracts me.
They are not stunningly beautiful specimens.

Joel is all arms and legs and at times can look quite haggard in the face (particularly as Steven Holder in the killing) BUT he has this way about him.
He can be innocent and naïve looking with puppy dog eyes and like I’ve said, a really sheepish smile.

tumblr_n26qo9AAIQ1rjn473o3_250 tumblr_mzsk3ocyfu1rjn473o6_250 tumblr_mzsk3ocyfu1rjn473o1_250

and then he goes and totally blows you away when he gets to do some action or does photo shoots for magazines.

tumblr_n0ob7r8nCe1rjn473o1_250  Easy_Money

I’ve seen Joel do gritty hard hitting gangster, romance, TV detective and movie detective turned Robocop.
He’s opened my eyes to a whole new kind of film experience.
At the moment I have only seen Robocop in the cinema. Everything else I’ve had to piece together from what I can find elsewhere and only if I can find the English subtitles.
He has a big future ahead of him and I can’t wait to see what he will get his teeth into next.
Oh yes, Joel is 6 foot 2 and half inches tall and only 34 years old. Ten years younger than me!! I want to cry.

Karl is a whole different ball game.
For a start, Karl is older and only two years younger than me. He is 6 foot 1.
He’s been working a lot longer than Joel so has a much bigger back catalogue of things to watch. They are also in English!!
He’s a complete nerd!

McCoy 03 Karl Geek Sheepish Karl

He loves sci-fi and he makes movies for the fun of them and not necessarily for their Oscar worthiness.
He makes the kind of movies I love to go to the cinema and watch.
He also has a TV detective series but Karl being Karl, his is set in the future!

So here goes.



Joel wins the smiles category hands down!!


New Year Karl 3

Joel Suit

Karl absolutely rocks a suit…
Joel just puts that little bit of a ‘snap’ to his outfits that puts him just in front of Karl
I particularly love the long coats he wears.
So Joel wins again.

Photo shoots!

Karl Model

Joel Model

This is a tough decision.
They’ve both done some amazing photo shoots.
However, Joel seems to be born to be a model. He’s just so relaxed and awesome looking. Particularly in the Mens Fitness shoot on the left.
Karl however, even though he looks great just doesn’t come across as particularly comfortable in photo shoots.
So again, Joel wins this one hands down.

I think I can see where this is going now.

Finally, all time favourite photos!

fav photo

This one I just can’t decide.
I love them both for different reasons.

Karl is just an orgasm in a suit in this photo.
The steely eyed gaze.
The perfectly mussed up hair.
That ‘come to bed’ look.

Joel just sends goose bumps down my spine in this photo.
He has that sheepish smile I adore but those puppy dog eyes are suggesting lots of naughtiness can ensue.

This one is a draw!!

Overall however, it looks like Joel has won the Battle for Dish of the Week number 56!!
What do you think?

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