Film Reviews


I have spent a wonderfully lazy afternoon watching some Swedish TV movies.
I don’t have to say why I was watching them.
If you read my blogs regularly you’ll know why I was watching them.

There have been over a dozen ‘Johan Falk’ movies and Joel has appeared in 11 of them as a character called ‘Frank Wagner’.
I have, so far, only seen the last 5 instalments.
In his first appearance from what I can gather, he is second in command of a criminal gang but he is already a police informant.
Johan Falk joins the GSI team and an incident happens where Frank’s police handler is killed and all evidence points to Frank as the killer.
Frank goes to see Johan and at gun point tells him that he’s an informant and that he didn’t kill his handler.
It’s all a bit vague because I still haven’t seen that first one completely and I didn’t have English subtitles so it was a bit of a challenge to keep up with.

Frank has a girlfriend and a son and all he wants is to get out of the gang life and start a new life with his family in France.

Codename Lisa 04

The last movie is the most hard hitting so far.
Kodnamn Lisa (Codename Lisa)

Codename Lisa 05

Frank and his family are all packed up and ready to start their new life.
They are ambushed one night by masked gun men but manage to escape.

Codename Lisa 01

Frank goes to the only person he knows for help, Johan.
It looks like Frank has been discovered as an informant.
But the life of a police informant doesn’t seem to be worth much!!
This man has put his life on the line time and time again to help the police but at the end of the day his life and the life of his family is totally screwed.
They will be on the run forever.

This film actually ends with a talk by an actual police informant who is currently living on the run with his own family.
He tells how he has changed identity 17 times and how his child can’t go to school and that they could slip up at any time with all the names to remember.
He may not have started life as a very savoury character but when he tries to turn his life around and do the right thing and in the process put his life in jeopardy, you’d think there would be some kind of pay off for it!

The films are gritty and bloody.
Lots of people getting shot in the head or having fingers chopped off!!

Codename Lisa 03

Codename Lisa 02

Now I’ve just got to get hold of the rest of them!!
There are 2 DVD box sets available with all of them in but they don’t have English subtitles!!
So my search continues.

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