General diary entries


It’s been an unbelievably busy week but today I actually felt like I’d achieved something!!
It was a busy but good day and now I’m exhausted.
Thank goodness I have the whole weekend off.

I’ve just watched last night’s episode of Vampire Diaries and OMG!!! What an ending.
Could Damon get any hotter?!! Just when I think he couldn’t…. he actually does!

It’s going to be a good weekend.
I’m going to get a few chores done tomorrow morning and then I’m going to put my feet up and spend some time with Joel.
There, I’ve mentioned him.
I’ve gone almost four whole days without mentioning the gorgeous Swede in my life and that’s four days too many!!
Just in time too. I’ve just discovered this beautiful photo.
There’s that sheepish little smile I fell in love with.


Expect lots of shameless gushing to ensue this weekend.

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