General diary entries


I have a decision to make.

A year ago I had surgery to try and clear the posterior heel spurs I had on my left foot.
Before the surgery I couldn’t go up on my toes and walking was painful.
Working on my feet all day meant having to take pain relief constantly just to keep going.
At the end of the day I was in agony and going up and down stairs was difficult.

A year on and I seem to be right back to square one.
If anything I would say that at times I’m actually in more pain.
The only improvement is that I can now go up on my toes.
Walking is still painful.
Going up and down the stairs is difficult, especially in the evenings.
All the limping is now having an effect on my right hip!!
This only makes climbing the stairs in the evening even harder.

When I’m doped up to the eyeballs I can walk for miles and you wouldn’t think I had a problem, however, I pay for it later!!

I am now debating whether I should go back to the GP and get re-referred to the Orthos or do I just put up with it?
I’m only 44.
I think my first port of call will be to lose some weight and see what effect that has.

Right now I just need to sleep.
It’s been a tough week and apart from some chores, I really need to get some college work done over the next two days.

On a positive note, it’s now been two days since I posted anything about my current obsession.
Having said that, I have been at work so the next two days off could be a bit of a challenge.

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