I know there are a lot of friends and family who just don’t ‘get’ my obsessions.
I met my husband because of one obsession, Star Trek.
My husband totally gets my obsessions.
To a degree he has them too, only his obsession at the moment is fan fiction.
He loves going to the movies too so we pretty much just complement each other.
He lets me troll my obsessions because it keeps me happy.

However, my current obsession has taken up a lot of my spare time recently but I have a problem.
I can’t watch a lot of his back catalogue because they are in Swedish and don’t have subtitles.
Even on Youtube, a lot of older interviews and snippets are in Swedish.

Here we have Joel talking about something to do with education…..

Nope, didn’t understand a word but it doesn’t really matter.
He could prattle on for hours in Swedish and I’d listen!

But then I get moments like this where he’s talking …. in English…. about his role of Steven Holder on AMC’s ‘The Killing’

So it all balances out and I’m happy.

Right, now, I’m off to bed to watch Snabba Cash 3 (Easy Money 3)
Then it’s 2 long days at work followed by 2 days of getting my life back on track.
I have to knuckle down to some college work and I need to start some serious walking and exercise.
So let’s see if I can do it.
Lets see if I can get through 4 whole days with no Joel.
I’m not even going to mention his name in a post!

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