General diary entries


I’ve just had a wonderfully lazy few days off work.
It’s back to reality tomorrow.

I have spent my time off doing what I love the most.
Spending time with the family, watching movies and stalking my favourite celebs on the internet!!

Yesterday was a good day.
It was Ian’s birthday. We took delivery of a new 50 inch TV for the bedroom, we went to Milton Keynes to see 2 movies, Non Stop and 300 Rise of an Empire and we went to Wagamama’s for dinner.
Just hope he remembers all that for my birthday!!

I can safely say that my current obsession is just about trolled out.
I have collated photos and information and I have watched just about everything available to me with him in.
Now that I know the subtitles trick there are a few Johan Falk movies I’m trying to get hold of, but other than that I can now get back to the serious side of life.
Joel will be allowed in when there is something new to see or information to collect.

tumblr_n24w7b7Ias1rjn473o2_250  tumblr_n0p6q1juOV1rjn473o9_250

I turn 45 this year.
Right now I feel about 55.
I really must do something about my general health and fitness.
So today is a final blow out day.
Last big bag of nibbles, last few cans of beer, last milky coffee.
They’ve all become ‘habit’ rather than treats and to be honest, I don’t really enjoy them anymore.

Now that the weather is improving, the garden is beginning to come to life so I will have to start with the annual fight of the foliage before long.
With my college course kicking it up a gear over the next 18 months and my job to look after, my time on the computer is going to have to be rationed.
When I do blog, it will be quick diary updates or something about one of my obsessions.
I will still find the time to do the odd Dish of the Week and I do plan to add to my How Things Have Changed blogs.

I just need to drag myself away from the computer a little bit.
It’s not doing me any good at all!!

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